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The outstanding attractions of the carefully repaired castle "Burg Rheinstein" cover the following objects of interest:

  • precious stained glass windows from the 14th-19th century
  • impressive wall and ceiling frescos with artistic illusionary paintings
  • anitque furniture dating back to the 17th-19th century
  • knightly suits of armour and weaponry from the 15th century
  • a neo-Gothic castle chapel and the only Prussian tomb upon the Middle Rhine
  • an authentic catapult (replica of the 15th century)
  • a large canon (replica of the 17th century)
  • romantic gardens and terraces overlooking the Rhine Valley



Burg Rheinstein, 55413 Trechtingshausen, Germany car

Please have a look at the attached pdf-document (see below). train

  • Station Trechtingshausen
    from there approx. 30 minutes walk up to the castle
  • Main Station Bingen am Rhein (district Bingerbrück)
    from there approx. 60 minutes walk up to the castle, alternatively you can take a taxi waiting at the main station ship


Please note that castle "Burg Rheinstein" is not suited for wheel chairs.


PDF  Information for your arrival by car
(in German only)
PDF  Alternative parking places
(in German only)
PDF  Parking places in Bingen
(in German only)

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Museum Shop

In our attractive castle museum shop you'll find - besides refreshments and snacks - lots of ideas for wonderful presents to take with. Be impressed by the toys and books for children offered which cover the subjects of castles, knights, medieval weapons and garment, brass-made signets (stamps) with sealing-wax and spirit lamp, calligraphy sets, romantic postcards, our legendary and rare castle wine, "Rheinstein" champangne-like sparkling wine, precious brandies... and much more nice things for large and little children.


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Our Tip

Combine your round trip by ship on the river Rhine ("Burgenrundfahrt") with the visit of castle "Burg Rheinstein" and save up to 1,50 €. Please ask directly for the "Burgenfahrt Plus" offer when buying the ship ticket. Our partner for that offering is the shipping line "Bingen-Rüdesheimer". The special ticket is available only at the corresponding landing stages in Bingen, Rüdesheim and Assmannshausen.

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