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"Freunde der Burg Rheinstein e.V.

The castle "Burg Rheinstein" is one of the most impressive cultural monuments upon the Middle Rhine. After a period of decline in the 1970 decade, the further going break-down of this lovely treasure upon the river Rhine was stopped in 1975 by the purchase and the enormous personal commitment of the Hecher family.

Soon it became clear that all the rebuilding and restoration needs were impossible to be solved with only the personal initiative of the Hecher family and the financial support of the federal state of Rheinland-Pfalz. So, in 1976, Hermann Hecher founded the non-profit friends' association "Freunde der Burg Rheinstein e.V.". Since that a lot of enthusiastic friends were won whom the cultural heritage and monument preservation is a personal concern.

All membership fees and donations are used as earmarked funds for the preservation and maintenance of the castle "Burg Rheinstein". We would be glad to hear you say: "I have a castle upon the river Rhine which is preservable for me - my castle 'Burg Rheinstein'". Periodically information letters are sent out and once a year a castle party takes place for all members.


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IBAN: DE66 55190 0000 139 288 013
Bank: Mainzer Volksbank
Account holder: Freunde der Burg Rheinstein e.V.


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