Do you want to own a piece of the castle's pathway?

The pathway up to the castle, whereby you have a very nice panoramic view over the river Rhine below, had to be refurbished due to a landslip of the cliffy hillside. In winter 2000/2001 there were pouring and long lasting rainfalls which washed out the retaining walls of the pathway. These walls couldn't be preserved inspite of intensive recovery efforts.

Over these damage regions were built some wodden boardwalks to make the track walkable. This interim solution lasted up to December, 2005, since it took 4½ years to get the funding and subsidization of the repair solved.

Fortunately, this damage is repaired by now and the first two stages of reconstruction are finished. But further, urgently necessary restoration steps are not yet funded.

The more, together with the pathwalk up the panorama way above the castle, leading to the forest of Bingen ("Binger Wald"), should be made more attractive again because there is a watchtower belonging to the castle "Burg Rheinstein" which offers a fantastic view to the famous bend of the river Rhine, the so-called "Binger Loch", with the Mice Tower ("Mäuseturm") behind, the tower of the Bishop of Bingen.

Become a sponsor!

Acquire a piece of the castle's pathway up or of the panorama way above as a "fief for life"!

The castle "Burg Rheinstein" and its friends' association issue sponsorships for funding the pathway's restoration. In the 19th century the measure of length was the "Prussian Foot", which is 31,385 cm (approx. 12,5 inch).

For the sponsorship there is a one-time charge for each "Prussian Foot" as of 10 "Prussian Thaler" which is exactly 15,00 €.

Save a piece of the pathwalk for you and get a personal certificate! Each sponsor is recorded on this website by name. Furthermore, each sponsor gets a contribution receipt for use at the financial office.

Please, help us to get the funding of that important project fixed, since the pathway up is the only way to reach the castle. If you like, you can buy even more than one "Prussian Foot" for the sake of the castle! Our thanks is guaranteed!





In the attached file "Purchasing a Prussian Foot" you'll find an order form which can be sent via fax or via e-mail to us.

The "Prussian Foot" is a fabulous present, too!


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