Your individual experience on the Romantic Castle

There are many possibilities to discover the Romantic Castle. Come and discover the place on your own or be enchanted at one of our guided tours, like the legendary and undoubtedly romantic walk through the nightly castle complex.



Your personal castle discovery

Start your discovery tour on your own. And if you like, the Lord of the castle will guide you through the castle exclusiveley or delivers an entertaining speech.

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Join the Lord of the castle on Sundays

Every Sunday the Lord of the castle guides you through "Burg Rheinstein". He tells about the history of his castle and you will experience insights into how living on a castle is today.

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Romantic Castle at Night tour

Run off the heavy-going everyday life and enjoy the evening's athmosphere far above the human hecticness, and relax for some romantic hours at the castle. You will see and experience what is kept hidden from the eyes of visitors at daylight.

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Princesses & Robber Knights

You are looking for an interesting and breath-taking destination for your beloved children? Why don't you let the Baroness herself guide your princesses and robber knights through the Romantic Castle?

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